Summer 2017 Week of Adventure!

Canyon Kids Summer Adventure Camp 

Summer 2017 Week of Adventure July 10th - July 14th!

Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Hiking, Ropes Course, Rafting and more! Christine will be working with Dave Ritter, outdoor guide and educator again this year. Dave has created another amazing adventure program at beautiful Bretton Woods ( this season and we are excited that they will host Canyon Kids's Summer Adventure Camp this year!

Please contact Christine for more information at or call 301 523 0902. We are always looking for volunteers for camp!


Oscar Nominated film and book Life, Animated is about the life of Owen Suskind. Owen was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. He lost speech and it seemed his ability to connect to others until his family started to use the very thing that he loved: Disney Animated Film. This is a beautiful story of using a child's affinity to bring us all together. Christine Sproat had the priviledge to work as Owen's OT from the time he was 5 years old starting at a Sensory Integration Camp. Owen is now in his twenties, graduated from an adaptive college program and is living on his own in a supervised communilty with his dog Guss.

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The idea of Canyon Kids was sparked over 14 years ago while Christine was working as an OT at Kingsbury Day School in Washington DC.  Christine teamed up with fellow teacher, Andy Foster to create the afterschool program called “C&A Adventures” taking small groups of students from KDS on outdoor excursions such as hiking, biking, kayaking, caving and climbing. The students and their parents loved the program and were surprised by the skills their children learned.

In 2005, Christine and now husband and co-owner of Canyon Kids, Mike Hiscock, rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. As seen in this picture, Christine is at the oars and Mike is in the background with hat (and Ed our guide). Despite rattle snakes and scorpions and class 10 rapids, they survived but knew they had to bring this adventure home with them.

After the birth of their first son, Christine and Mike teamed up with Diane Lewis to create Canyon Kids, hoping to make it a place where kids could challenge their potential and not feel different from any other child. Canyon Kids was founded in 2008 to become a place for children to climb to their greatest potential in a warm, caring and fun loving environment.

Canyon Kids has not yet hosted its first adventure program but looks forward to doing some hiking soon! Now with two boys under the age of 4 and Canyon Kids, life has been very busy for Christine and Mike! To be continued..


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