Summer 2017 Week of Adventure!

Canyon Kids Summer Adventure Camp 

Summer 2017 Week of Adventure July 10th - July 14th!

Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Hiking, Ropes Course, Rafting and more! Christine will be working with Dave Ritter, outdoor guide and educator again this year. Dave has created another amazing adventure program at beautiful Bretton Woods ( this season and we are excited that they will host Canyon Kids's Summer Adventure Camp this year!

Please contact Christine for more information at or call 301 523 0902. We are always looking for volunteers for camp!


Oscar Nominated film and book Life, Animated is about the life of Owen Suskind. Owen was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. He lost speech and it seemed his ability to connect to others until his family started to use the very thing that he loved: Disney Animated Film. This is a beautiful story of using a child's affinity to bring us all together. Christine Sproat had the priviledge to work as Owen's OT from the time he was 5 years old starting at a Sensory Integration Camp. Owen is now in his twenties, graduated from an adaptive college program and is living on his own in a supervised communilty with his dog Guss.

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Client Testimonials

"In less than a year with his OT, my young son has mastered more gross and fine motor skills than I can list. And he LOVES to go to Canyon Kids!"


"The most impressive and unique aspect about Canyon Kids is the fact that my son's OT collaborates with his speech pathologist on site and integrates his communication needs into each part of every session." 


"As parents, we felt helpless when faced with our son's struggles with the basic social skills that seemed to come so naturally to other kids his age.  We could not understand his reluctance to try new physical activities, like tricycling or using new playground equipment, and we knew that this reluctance only furthered his isolation from his peers.  Thankfully, we found Canyon Kids.  Canyon Kids helped us as parents to understand the developmental issues underlying his behavior and how occupational therapy could address those issues, all the while understanding that these are not always easy things for parents to hear.  Canyon Kids has provided a loving, fun environment where our son has developed skills that six months ago seemed like impossible goals.  Now we can't get him OFF his tricycle!  Thanks, Canyon Kids!" 


"Leaping Lizards was a wonderful experience for my son Maximo and enabled him to enjoy and learn from a camp experience catered to his needs.  The OT's are highly qualified and put together a varied yet structured, fun but educational, and overall creative activity plan each day that Maximo thoroughly enjoyed.  Max is signed up for next summer already!!" 

"Canyon Kids has been invaluable in working with my daughter on occupational therapy and handwriting support. The knowledge, skill and patience of the therapists are tangible and they never fail to impress me with the creativity they use in coming up with fun ways to support my daughter and get her excited about the work she does with them."  

"I was skeptical at first.  I knew my son was socially awkward and touched really roughly compared to his peers.  But, I couldn’t see how occupational therapy would help.  I was worried about spending a lot of money and time before knowing if the methods were working or not. 

Boy, was I wrong.  With Allison’s guidance, my son has made huge strides in just a matter of months.  Now, he doesn’t always barrel into friends when playing tag and he can focus on games or other activities for an appropriate amount of time.  He’s finally able to have a playdate with a typically developing kid and not require constant coaching; I actually get to have uninterrupted, adult conversation with the other kids’ parent!" 


"Thank you so much for the terrific consultation today.  I really appreciate your time and expertise!  ...having your help will make things [at home] much easier and less overwhelming for sure." 


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